Celebrating pet & plant love with Wacky Wears and soilboy

Celebrating pet & plant love with Wacky Wears and soilboy

👉 Pre-order campaign launched on 6 Oct to 13 Oct 2023

In collaboration with our friends at soilboy, we came together to create a heartwarming campaign that celebrates a different kind of love: the bond between pets and plants.

Named "Love Comes In All Shapes & Sizes," our campaign featured an exclusive oversized Tee design by Wacky Wears and charming pet tags for your beloved furry companions.

In the spirit of our campaign's message, we pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds to the Maui Humane Society, providing much-needed support to animals affected by the recent Maui fires.

Capturing our first-ever animal-centric campaign was an incredibly enjoyable experience. A huge thank you to our models and their furry friends: Alex & Ghost, Ivan & Bruno, Mitchel & Kiera, Shannon & Snoozy, Yi Fei & Latte, Yann Ting & Spinach. 

The Collection
The collection comprises of oversized Tees & colourful pet charms for your pets (we can't leave them out!)

Campaign Visuals
Photos are taken & edited by Ryan Sim