Good Days Coming with Good Totes

Good Days Coming with Good Totes

👉 Campaign launched on 8 September 2023

Good Days Coming is the result of our fruitful collaboration with the incredible Good Totes team. This marks our second collaboration this year. For this venture, we joined hands to co-create a campaign fuelled by our passion for brighter days ahead 🍀💛

The journey of bringing this campaign to life was nothing short of exhilarating, especially as we delved into the art of bag production, a realm where Good Totes truly shines. Their expertise seamlessly intertwined with our creative vision & illustration piece, adding a fresh touch to the collection.

The Full Collection
Our full collection include oversized Tees, baby Tees, caps, and the stylish addition of puffer post bags. They serve as a cheerful reminder that good days are indeed coming.

Campaign Visuals
Photos are taken & edited by Ryan Sim