No point crying over spilt m*lk with OATSIDE

No point crying over spilt m*lk with OATSIDE

👉 Pre-order campaign launched on 17 Nov to 24 Nov 2023

We've all been there – those unexpected milk mishaps that leave us with a mess to clean up! Our campaign with OATSIDE introduces a different perspective – sometimes it's not about avoiding the spills but rather embracing the emotions that accompany them.

In our playful take on the saying "No point crying over spilt milk," we offer a reminder not to fret about things beyond our control. The key feature of the artwork features the OATSIDE milk carton providing comfort to a friend shedding tears. It adds a lighthearted touch, celebrating compassion and connection even in life's minor setbacks.🥛✨

The Collection
The collection comprises of oversized Tees in 3 colourways: White (Full-Coloured Design), Khaki and Sand.

Campaign Visuals
Photos are taken & edited by Ryan Sim
Set Design Assist by Jennifer Lam