An ode to unfinished conversations with Wacky Wears & Actually

An ode to unfinished conversations with Wacky Wears & Actually

👉 Campaign launched on 17 December 2022

Often, our memories hold unsaid words from unfinished conversations with our loved ones. "I WANTED TO TELL YOU..." is an ode to the beauty of unfinished conversations and the feelings of longing are all part of the human experience. 

Behind The Design of Our Illustration
The three dots within Actually's logo encapsulate the continuous exchange of thoughts and emotions between individuals. Embracing this symbolism, we envisioned a collection that resonate with your own experiences of unfinished conversations with your loved ones. 

Campaign Video
We created a safe space for our audience to also let it all out. We garnered anonymous submissions of messages our audience wish(ed) to say to that special someone and featured some of these heartfelt messages on our campaign video with Actually ⚫️⚫️⚫️

 The Full Collection
The collection was launched exclusively in-store in Actually. The full collection comprised of apparel, caps, keychains that revolved around human connection and expressing our innermost thoughts.