The Print-on-Demand Model Explained


The print-on-demand (POD), or better known as the pre-order campaign, ensures that we only print the exact number of inventory needed.

This way, we are able to minimise unnecessary waste and prevent dead stocks. This model is also beneficial to our creators as it allows them room for experimentation and trial-and-error (e.g. to see what kind of designs work and otherwise). 

The campaign period refers to the duration of which the design(s) go live on our site. This is when we will be collecting your orders.

By the end of the campaign, we will assess the sales (*a minimum of 10 sales is required) and send them for manufacturing. Should a campaign receive less than 10 sales, we will refund buyers the full amount. Again, no risk on the Creator's end. 

We work closely with local manufacturers to produce your high-quality tees. So, purchasing from us also mean that you are supporting a chain of local businesses - yay!

Yes, while it may take a longer time for the product(s) to reach to you, it'll be worth the wait.