How To: Create the Glass Effect on Photoshop

by Wacky Wears

Our step-by-step tutorial on creating the glass effect on Photoshop:
*View video tutorial here

Step 1:
Duplicate your background layer in the Layers panel

Step 2:

On the duplicated background layer, apply gaussian blur
*Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Step 3:
Adjust the blurriness of the layer! We recommend 10 to 15 pixels. 

Step 4:
Create any shape

Step 5:
On the Layers panel, drag the shape layer below the blurred background layer
Step 6:
Right click on the blurred background layer to create a clipping mask

Step 7:
Add effects to the shape layer! 
*Click on the fx icon on the Layers Panel > Blending Options

Step 8:
Experiment with inner glow, stroke, & drop shadow to achieve a more realistic glass effect. 

We recommend changing the blend mode to multiply for most of the styles.



*View video tutorial here

💛 Happy creating!
 💻 Wacky Wears Team